AUUP unifies experts in spatial planning in the Czech Republic. There is a permanent steering group involved in Industry 4.0 in construction business as well as expert team working on BIM implementation in planning and project permitting in the Czech Republic. Sharing international know-how will bring input in discussion in national level. Czech experience with current recodification of building law shall be inspiring for other countries (regional planning, climate change..). Last but not least some municipalities in the Czech Republic do have very first experiences in sharing costs on public infrastructure by private sector.

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The Centre with its activities contributes to economic, social and cultural integration in Europe. By permanent research and proposals of the solutions for optimisation of spatial structures of settlements it helps to meet the objectives of sustainable spatial development, management and planning as well as to balancing regional disparities, improving quality of life and strengthening of social equity in Europe.

The Society of Polish Town Planners is an advocate for social interes in management and using Polish space. For over 80 years it unites people of various proffesions and specialities in the name of actions meant to make our urban and rural areas an environment, that would effectively serve spiritual and material needs of a human, ingrained in cultural heritage of the nation; an environment, that would harmonize with nature and enrich the beauty of the native landscape.