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The Project

The Project

We are starting our new project: V4Regions is funded by Visegrad Grants! Get to know our aims, motivation and activities by following our website! 

V4Regions is a unique project bringing together the planning associations of the four Visegrad countries. V4Regions is funded by Visegrad Funds, giving our partnership the opportunity of strengthening our professional co-operation looking back on a long history.

V4Regions sets the target of triggering new methodologies and implementing existing best practices for a better regional and urban development in the V4 countries.

The aim of the project is to provide V4 countries' urban experts with a new platform for sharing knowledge and presenting good practices in order to respond appropriately to future urban challenges. As countries in the V4 region are in a similar position, they can effectively work together to trigger novel methodologies in urban planning and development. The project will ensure a knowledge-share regarding the different strategies and planning methodologies the partner countries are currently using. As a basic activity, the project will also involve urban planning students from the 4 countries, taking part in the V4 Conference, thus assuring their competencies in the future development.

Mutual learning and cooperation can help the region to catch up with more developed Western

European countries and to strengthen the competitiveness of planning companies in the V4 region. Thus, the project will enable strengthening existing co-operations and developing new contacts in the V4 regions.


The project addresses 4 topics, all four being highly actual issues present in the daily practice of urban planning. 1) COVID-19 overwritten municipal plans in many ways all over the world. In V4 countries have limited financial reserves, thus the pandemic threatens urban development projects, creating a need for new methodologies to finance urban development projects. On the other hand, the pandemic questioned primary beliefs and concepts regarding tourism, globalization, housing density and the suburbs; and also strengthening the importance of available institutions and services within walking distance (walkability index). 2) at present there is an ongoing progress of the transformation of the planning systems. The toolkit of planning has changed rapidly and giving competitive and innovative answers is basic condition of creating territorial balance within the European Union and ensuring EU integrity. 3) V4 countries are similar in differing from Western European planning system and economic culture, that is why cross-cutting issues as climate change, digitalization and Industry 4.0 need a slightly different implementation model. In the V4 planning Platform we do not only plan to bring best practices to experts, but also give a guideline to adapt them in local environment.



AUUP - Czech Association for Urban and Regional Planning (Asociace pro urbaniusmus a uzemni planovani Ceské republiky)

AUUP unifies experts in spatial planning in the Czech Republic. There is a permanent steering group involved in Industry 4.0 in construction business as well as expert team working on BIM implementation in planning and project permitting in the Czech Republic. Sharing international know-how will bring input in discussion in national level. Czech experience with current recodification of building law shall be inspiring for other countries (regional planning, climate change..). Last but not least some municipalities in the Czech Republic do have very first experiences in sharing costs on public infrastructure by private sector.

SPECTRA – Centre of Excellence of EU at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Centre of Excellence EU pri Slovenskej technickej univerzite v Bratislave)

The Centre with its activities contributes to economic, social and cultural integration in Europe. By permanent research and proposals of the solutions for optimisation of spatial structures of settlements it helps to meet the objectives of sustainable spatial development, management and planning as well as to balancing regional disparities, improving quality of life and strengthening of social equity in Europe.

SPECTRA CE EU is the coordinator of several network of spatial planners and spatial planning institutions in V4, Central Europe and World-wide acting (, Urban Innovation network, SSDIA, etc ...). Strengthening the V4 interactions and embedding of these interactions into the international context will increase effects and efficiency of project activities as planned. SPECTRA CE EU is also a spin-off company of the Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava, thus this relation enhances the project’s embeddedness in university education and strengthening the involvement of university students to the implementation of the project.

TUP – Society of Polish Town Planners (Towarzystwo Urbanistów Polskich)


The Society of Polish Town Planners is an advocate for social interes in management and using Polish space. For over 80 years it unites people of various proffesions and specialities in the name of actions meant to make our urban and rural areas an environment, that would effectively serve spiritual and material needs of a human, ingrained in cultural heritage of the nation; an environment, that would harmonize with nature and enrich the beauty of the native landscape.

We are a social organization, taking our efforts for the benefit of society. We are a civic organization, open for everyone who, through their economic and political activity, as well as their knowledge and skills, improve the quality of Polish space and want it to be more and more attractive and competitive in the modern world.

The Society of Polish Town Planners was founded in 1923 by a group of eminent architects, scientists and at the same time - social workers, focused around the Warsaw University of Techonology Faculty of Architecture.

Today, the Society counts around 1000 members in over a dozen regional sections. Since the founding of professional autonomy - the Chamber of Urban Planners, the Society has been gradually changing into an association of social-scientific character, gathering enthusiasts of all issues connected with urbanism.



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