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Spatial Planning Systems in Eastern Europe

A Gazdaság-Régió-Társadalom Észak-magyarországi Stratégiai Füzetek című folyóirat angol nyelvű tematikus számot szentel a kelet-európai területi tervezési-fejlesztési rendszereknek. A szerkesztőség felhívást tett közzé a témakörben tudományos tanulmányok benyújtására.


Strategic Issues of Northern Hungary (ECONOMY-REGION-SOCIETY) journal,

issue 4/2023

„Spatial Planning Systems in Eastern Europe”

The characteristics of a spatial planning system are embedded in the wider economic, political and social context of single states. According to the fundamental thesis of international comparative research, spatial planning, as a component of the administrative system, is shaped primarily by the national law, the structure of public administration and political culture (Reimer and Blotevogel, 2012). Therefore, we can define and differentiate between national planning systems. In the same time, there is a egenral convergence the national planning systems in Europe as an effect of the European integration.

For the proposed thematic issue „Spatial Planning Systems in Eastern Europe” we will adopt a structuralist/legalistic approach, common for comparative planning studies and for planning system analysis, looking at the same time behind the systematic description of administrative and legal characteristics for comments on the practice of spatial planning. We are asking the authors to focus on the following aspects of the chosen case studies:

  • the major structural factors influencing the characteristics of spatial planning,

  • the socialist heritage of spatial planning,

  • the organization of state and public administration, the institutional and legal base of planning,

  • the Europeanization of the planning system and the establishment of the main characteristic of planning style.

The deadline for submitting the manuscripts is 30. September 2023.

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