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Water and City – Brownfields in Budapest
2014.02.17 14:00 - 2014.03.02 16:00

Workshop with an international participation Water and City – Brownfields in Budapest organized by the Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre. The workshop is organized with the support of International Visegrad Fund in the frame of project "MobEx 2013–2014. Water and City – Brownfields".

Workshop topics solve the issue of brownfields, which are located in the contact with water (watercourse, water area) in the V4 countries and the possibilities of their revitalization in the selected Urban and landscape structures.

Date: February 17, 2014
Place: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest (3-9. Műegyetem rakpart, H-1111 Budapest), Room 210, "K" building 
Date of exhibition vernissage: 17.00 pm, 17th February, 2014
Exhibition: February 17 – March 2, 2014

Program of the workshop

-       14.00 Opening of the workshop
-       14.05 Breaf introduction to the issue of brownfields in the city
                       Budapest and its brownfields – South-Budapest
-       14.25 Presentations / Introduction of the posters

Poster 01 – The Budapest waterfront- A connection point 
                 Ferencváros Municipality – Lilla Németh

Poster 02 – Danube’s riverside walkway
                 Angyalföld Municipality – György Arató

Poster 03 - A development plan for South- Ferencváros, Budapest
                   - around the Rákóczi bridge, Pest side
                Corvinus University of Budapest - Benedek Timár

Poster 04 – Rehabilitation of the Lágymányosi industrial area
                 Corvinus University of Budapest – Rita Borsó

Poster 05 – Budapest XXI. District, Csepel-Szigetcsúcs
                Corvinus University of Budapest - Janka Paulovics 

Poster 06 – Lake Mine study trail on Rudabánya
                Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Piroska Varga

-       15.50 Coffee break
-       16.10 Closed workshop with the MobEx partners
-       17.00 Vernissage